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Dave and Roma

We invite you to join us in celebrating the birthdays and lives of our dear friends, Dave and Roma. Roma turns 95 on August 12th, 2015, and Dave turns 100 on August 24th. These two amazing souls have been married for 74 years!

“Dave has a phenomenal ability to empower people by his belief in them,” says Robin Morning, ( . For one, it was through Dave’s encouragement and support that I was motivated to create close to twenty health lectures – including those by Dr. Frank Shallenberger and Dr. David Edwards – which were presented in Mammoth Lakes, California. Ultimately, if it wasn’t for Dave’s enthusiasm, and the CDs featured on the site would not have existed.

Dave and Roma live their lives in service to others. The couple stays active and busy at their Ranch in Bishop, California, where Dave continues to motivate their abundant circle of friends and family members, many whom have been with them through the years that Dave founded, built and developed Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California.

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Their daughter Penny says, “Mom and Dad are simply amazing. It’s incredible how a hundred year old man and a ninety-five year old woman are still living, giving and creating  life every moment of every day.  Always available to their friends and family, they continue to strive for excellence, learning, growing, listening to others, and offering their assistance. Dad has let go of the past. He is living in the present with a mind for the future.”

For insights into the journey of these two amazing individuals, please explore the photo journal, “Tracks of Passion” on Dave’s photo site that you can link to at

You can say hello and congratulate them on Dave’s Facebook page – and be sure to wish them each a “Happy Birthday!”