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      1. Decreased Oxygen Utilization

Decreased oxygen utilization only happens in us old folks, right? No. This is amazing. It actually commonly starts in the young; it starts in your kids.

Here’s a study that we did about seven years ago and published in the Townsend Letter: We took 50 subjects as they walked into our clinics. There are a number of these devices around. I’m in Carson City. We have one in Los Angeles, one in Grand Junction, Colorado, and one in Singapore at this time. I just called everybody up and said, “I want you to send me the data for the next 5 to 10 people who come into your clinic between 20 and 40 years old who don’t have any problems and feel like a million bucks; they’re sort of fitness oriented.”

This is how it turned out. This is surprising: 54% of them had normal oxygen utilization. Fitness types – at least half of them were in pretty good shape. Keep in mind, they’re under 40 years old. These people are fitness types, they’re not sick. They’re only going in there to get their fitness parameters. They were, how shall we say, health conscious.

46% of them had decreased oxygen utilization. How bad? Pretty bad. Thirty-six percent (of that group), had less than 90% of what they ought to have. Twenty-six percent, a quarter of them had less than 80% of what they ought to have. And twelve percent of them had a ridiculous, almost one-half of what they ought to have. If you look this data up in the clinical literature, they would fall under the category of “severe oxygen utilization dysfunction syndrome,” and yet they’re “healthy”. Quote “healthy”. They’re asymptomatic; they feel great and they’re young.

I think that’s shocking. I wonder what their future will be like when they hit 40 to 50. I wonder if the cases of diabetes and cancer that we see in the 40 year-olds these days aren’t falling in this group. I doubt they are falling in the other group. It makes sense to me that they are in this group. This is happening in young folks. That’s sobering, and nobody is dealing with it. Nobody is looking at it because we have a crisis care system; we don’t actually have a healthcare system. Nobody cares. Western medicine just waits until your heart peters out and they give you a new one.

Adele Davis says, “Every day you do one of two things. When you wake up in the morning, one or two things are on your agenda: You’re either building health or you are producing disease. Take your pick.”

Now we get into the “what do we do about it?” part. Decreased oxygen utilization is caused by diet, hormonal deficiencies (we’re going to break all these down), nutritional deficiencies, smoking, drugs, toxins, decreased circulation, decreased lung function, inflammation, stress, and decreased fitness. Now that’s a lot, isn’t it?

You can see why different doctors focusing in different areas only have little pieces of this puzzle. You can see why if somebody’s problem is mostly a hormonal deficiency, you give them some thyroid, and all of a sudden, they perk up. For somebody else, it’s not really that. It’s mostly decreased circulation. You give them thyroid and they don’t perk up.

So, let’s break it down, and you guys can start to get an idea as to how things may be playing out for you. Let’s look at diet. The worst single thing in diet, by far, is carbohydrates – except for a few people who we call fast oxidizers. You have met them. You know them. I happen to be one. Fast oxidizers are lucky, thank you Lord. Fast oxidizers can eat carbs all day long and never have a problem. Assuming it’s not sugar – they’re good carbs, so to speak. I can eat carbs all day long. In fact, I flourish with carbs. Cereal grains, fruit – all that stuff – I do great.

Those skinny, string bean types who couldn’t gain weight if they wanted to –  that are really good at long distance endurance things, but are lousy at short distance, quick event, power sorts of things –  that’s me. I’ll ride your butt off for 60 miles. But, if we’re in a half-mile race, you’ll wipe me out. I can’t keep up with you.

Except for that small little group of people, carbs are a killer. I hate to tell you guys this, because I know probably everyone in this room, with maybe a few exceptions, just loves the heck out of carbs.

Carbs are for kids. Kids are almost always fast oxidizers, right? We change. Did you know we change? Have you looked in the mirror? We think we are the same until we look in the mirror, but we are not. Or until something breaks down and we don’t feel good – then we realize that we’re not the same as we were.

Question: “Will we get healthier when our oxygen level gets higher … ?”

Yes, you can eat carbs. See, she is thinking it through. “I can’t have carbs. There’s got to be a rainbow at the end, yes!” The better shape you get into, the more you can eat carbs, absolutely. That could be your reward. Chocolate cake – that could be it for you. There’s no doubt.

I’m going to tell you a great story that really emphasizes this. I had a guy come in. He was 44 years old. The guy was an Adonis. If you saw him you would think he was the world’s healthiest human being. You girls would just love to look at him. He was a movie actor from Los Angeles. He spent his entire life being broke and working out in the gym and eating sprouts. He was healthier than heck. His lifestyle was absolutely awesome.

He came up and said, “I read your book and I just wanted to check my oxygen utilization is killer, I bet it’s killer.”

I said, “Fine.”

We plugged him into the machine and his oxygen utilization was horrible. We want to get a minimum of 100%. Mine is like 135%. His was 70%. Pathetic.

So I sat down and wondered: how can this be? This didn’t make any sense at all. He must have had the world’s worst genetics. It turned out that he eats a Dairy Queen Blizzard twice a day. It’s his only sin. A Dairy Queen Blizzard – twice a day! I asked him why he’s been doing that, and he gave me the best answer anyone could ever give: “I like them!”

I thought that was a great answer. No wonder the low number. So I told him, “I’ll make you a deal. You don’t do your Dairy Queen Blizzards and come back in two weeks. I want to retest you.”

I said that because carbs exert their effect for about 5 days. So, if I have one oxygen utilization number, and I go out and eat doughnuts for the next 5 days and I do the test, it’s going to be half of what that was. That’s how influential carbs are. They will absolutely shut down your mitochondria overnight. No question. He came back in two weeks and he has like 140%. He was a believer. Carbs are huge.