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      1. How Toxic Burdens Can Affect your Health

Here is an example of a patient in which toxins are present but not overflowing. The organ systems in this person are functioning. (The technical term would be “within normal limits”, “statistical limits”). The patient may be having symptoms, a feeling of illness or dis-ease, and yet, all the technical testing, which would be directed to organ systems, would look relatively normal.

I had a patient from Fallon, NV who had uncontrollable blood pressure. He was 72, and he had a lot of protein in his urine. He was seeing three very good internal medicine specialists in Reno, one of whom specialized in treating high blood pressure. But they could not control his blood pressure with pharmaceutical drugs. They blamed the protein in the urine on his blood pressure being poorly controlled. Since their treatment was failing, these doctors blamed the patient. Saying there was something he was doing wrong not responding to their therapy. He wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing because they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.

He came to see me to treat his blood pressure without drugs, which we did not do. We evaluated him for a toxic mineral burden and found on his screening hair analysis that his lead level was very high. We suggested doing a diagnostic test to determine what his lead burden really was. We gave him a single ETA chelation treatment, and he put out 70 mcg of lead in 24 hours. In order to qualify for Medicare coverage he has to put out above 100 mcg within a 24 hour period; anything less than that is just ignored.

We decided to slowly de-lead him and gave him 10 chelation treatments over 4 months. To his amazement, his blood pressure then stabilized to normal levels on very simple medication, and the protein in his urine disappeared. This demonstrates that low levels of toxins, that are acceptable levels of toxins to “scientists”, can be very damaging to certain sensitive individuals.

In “statistical medicine”, the individual doesn’t count. With double blind control studies, it doesn’t make any difference as to what happens to any individual in the study. In truth, people get sick when the toxic burden overflows their body’s ability to deal with it. In biological medicine, we prefer to have the bio system as clean as we can get it.  Often we are treating sub symptomatic or subliminal toxins.

About 4 months after we got this gentlemen’s lead level down, and his blood pressure was controlled for the first time in 3 years, and he had no protein in his urine, two articles based on “statistical” medicine appeared in the Journal of Medical Association back to back. One was exactly about lead in people who had uncontrollable blood pressure, stating that if it’s controlled in the bone and doesn’t show up in the blood test, it’s still going to affect their blood pressure and make it harder to treat. That article stated that what we did was correct. The procedure still wasn’t paid for by Medicare. The second article stated that a lot of people with protein in their urine have a low level, heavy metal toxicity that should be treated and corrected. And, that’s exactly what we did with this patient.

According to the AMA, what we did was quackery. The patient doesn’t believe that, and I don’t believe that. Since this patient did not reach a certain statistical threshold number, it was as if he didn’t have the problem at all. In our case, all we did was take his lead burden from an unacceptable biological burden down to as low as we could get it without breaking the bank, because you can never get all of the lead out of someone in terms of the kinetics.