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MNRI 1While in Minneapolis for my 50th high school class reunion, I was unexpectedly guided to a conference on “Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration” (MNRI®). I was amazed – and in awe – of this modality, the founder, Dr. Svetlana Masgutova; the practitioners; and the children, parents and family members, who attended to learn how to continue this healing practice at home.

MNRI® neurologically develops the missing steps that children or adults, who are physically, mentally, or emotionally compromised, need in order to become more functional. It can also enhance the functionality of so-called “normal” individuals, as well as take athletes to the next level of performance.

I kept returning as an observer, day after day, watching as the treatments were being done. The treatments were so simple, yet so elegant. What followed was a “graduation”, where the parents told of the progress that had been made over the past several days with their child or children. As I heard all of the positive advancements that the children had made, I cried.

MNRI® helps with a wide and varied range of challenges. A mom named, Sally Averkamp had this to say about MNRI®: “Three years ago, at age 22, my son was very delayed and had a low self-image. Today, he orders books listed on the New York Best Seller list and reads them. He knows more than I do about world history and political subjects. His cognition has grown enormously, and he is aware and proud of it. MNRI® has given him all of this”.

Dr. Masgutova has scientifically-documented evidence of success. Her data proves that MNRI® can make a huge difference for those who are experiencing a large variety of challenges. I can’t say enough about this protocol. I intend to begin training in this discipline this coming year. Yet, what I will say is, that if you or your child is experiencing a physical, mental, or emotional compromise – for whatever reason – please investigate MNRI® for yourself!

Here are just some of the many challenges for which MNRI® sessions can make a huge difference:

●     ADD/ADHD
●     Autism
●     Cerebral Palsy
●     Down Syndrome
●     Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
●     Learning challenges
●     Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD)
●     Slow development

I feel truly blessed to have been “led” to this most amazing method and to have experienced many of the practitioners, as well as meeting the founder – Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, Director of the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institutes in Poland and the United States.

Dr. Masgutova explains that: “innate reflex patterns serve as a foundation for motor development, sensory integration, and all higher-level cognitive and emotional skills. The strength of this foundation depends on the coordinated activity of sensory and motor neurons and having effective synaptic transmission, all of which is essential for correct reflex pattern expression. Stress/distress, disease, and injury can interfere with reflex development and functioning. Fortunately, at any age we can reawaken, re-pattern, or rebuild these patterns [which results in remarkable changes toward higher functioning]. This is the purpose of MNRI®.”

Patty Shackleford, PhD, an educator and psychologist for 40+ years, notes that she sees rapid gains in improvement for adults and children, who suffer from physical, cognitive and behavioral challenges, through the use of the Masgutova Method® (MNRI®). She said, “I took my first MNRI® class in 2002 and incorporated this modality into my practice after attending my first Family Conference in the USA in 2006. This non-invasive process, which uses the natural genetic makeup of the brain-body system to unlock the potential in human beings, has positively impacted the lives of 30,000 people worldwide.”

Lucy Segesky, MNRI® Core Specialist notes the differentiation between MNRI® and occupational therapy. She says: “I have been an occupational therapist working in developmental pediatrics since 2001. As occupational therapists, we have looked at primary reflexes since the ‘70’s as a significant contribution in helping organize our senses and how that contributes to motor planning, motor movement, vision, body awareness, and overall development, but the way in which we were taught to test and treat clients is archaic compared to the MNRI® method of neurosensory motor reflex integration. I look back on the stroke and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) patients who had physical disabilities and think –“what a shame” that I didn’t’ know the MNRI® methods then. Rather than following the philosophy of extinguishing the primary reflexes, Dr. Masgutova has proven a way in which we integrate these reflexes so they anchor their specific neurological genetic coding of each reflex’s sensory-motor link.”

Pamela Curlee, who is the co-founder of the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute® and the Masgutova FoundationTM had this to say about her experience with MNRI®: “The joy of sharing this wisdom is beyond measure because we know this information has superseded and successfully passed the test of time.  Hearing words like “this information has brought us new hope” are commonly heard around the world from parents and loved ones.

To work with the Masgutova Method is a form of celebration of what is, what can be, and what has become. It is a recognition of the intelligence of nature, the wisdom of working from the heart, and a journey into the field of all possibilities. It is a space where the impossible becomes possible and a time when growth and development can naturally emerge.

To find someone in this day and age who combines genius, wisdom, and heart is a rare combination.  This is the essence of Dr. Masgutova, who has worked for over 30 years to create MNRI® programs that make a difference.  To assist her in this mission is indeed an opportunity and a blessing of a lifetime.”

I want to encourage you to explore this most important resource for yourself!