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Informed Choices (MP3)


David A. Edwards, MD, HMD

Track list | Run time: 71 mins

01    Cellular vs. Antibody Immunity
02    Benefits of IV Ozone
03    Choices for Stroke Victims
04    Childhood Vaccinations
05    Improving Mental Performance
06    External Counter Pulsation
07    Results from EECP Treatments
08    IV Hydrogen Peroxide for Healing
09    Treating Resistant Infections
10    Toxic Burdens Can Affect Your Body


What you will learn in this lecture

Tremendous help is available for your loved ones who suffer from memory loss, cancer, heart disease, stroke, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, infections that won’t clear, as well as other disease processes that western “business” medicine often fails to adequately address.

Did you know you have more than one immune system? In addition to your immune system, which focuses on the building of antibodies, you will learn about the importance of building your cellular immune system. This is the only system in your body that actually kills cancer cells.

Dr. Edwards also explains the benefits of IV ozone, chelation, and enhanced external counter pulsation, (EECP) for memory loss, heart attack, and stroke victims, as well as the role that sugar plays in causing diffuse microvascular disease.

Infections that won’t heal? As germs become more and more resistant to antibiotics, a potential solution is available! You will learn about how IV hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet blood irradiation have been demonstrating results for untreatable infections.

The CD concludes with a discussion about how the body deals with toxic burdens. Dr. Edwards explains why toxins – like lead, mercury, radiation, and DDT – affect certain individuals, while not significantly affecting others. He also discusses the importance of detoxification and cleansing, which are effective and non-invasive approaches to healing using the biological integrative medicine approach.


To give you a sample of the content that you will be listening to on the downloaded lectures, multiple excerpts from each of the lectures are provided for free on this site. Given that there are many excerpts from each lecture available for free, no refunds will be given for the purchase of the downloads. If you are still displeased, you may have a store credit. Email: Thank you!


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