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Is it A.D.D Learning Differences or Something Else? (MP3)


David A. Edwards, MD, HMD

Sample Track: [ca_audio url_mp3=”/wp-content/uploads/audio/Attentionprocess.mp3″ url_ogg=”/wp-content/uploads/audio/Attentionprocess.ogg” download=”true” html5=”true” skin=”small” align=”none”]

Track list | Run time: 73 mins

01   Just in the Classroom?
02   Narrow vs. Open Focus
03   Characteristics of ADD & ADHA
04   Problems in Diagnosis
05   How Your Brain Processes Information
06   Attention as a Process
07   Adaptive Learning
08   No Emotional Investment
09   Application of Neuro Feedback
10   Vision and Nutrition


What you will learn in this lecture

Have you been misdiagnosed with a learning disorder?  Or worse . . . has your child?  If this disorder only occurs in an academic setting, there’s a good chance that, if it only occurs in specific settings and not globally, it is not a disorder at all.

Dr. Green and John C. LeMay believe that they have discovered that ADD and ADHD are actually a grouping of a wide range of behaviors, possible disorders, and many individual qualities that may not be disorders at all.  They address the many problems in making this diagnosis and explain how even the basis for this diagnosis has changed over the years.

They discuss free association, learning differences, narrow focus behavior versus open focus behavior, the role of a child’s imagination, and how many of the blocks we have to learning have more to do with anxieties than disorders.  They discuss how fear dramatically affects the function of the brain.

They explain how attention is actually a complex process that integrates numerous brain and body functions.  They take you through the steps of the attention process and show you how various types of arousals compete for attention.  They explore the diverse experiences that make up attention deficits.  Is this really a dysfunction or is it a beneficial adaptation?  They answer these questions and show you how adaptive learning can make a huge difference.


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