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Keys to Staying Healthy (MP3)


Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD

Track list | Run time: 74 mins

01    The Doctor Within
02    Your Regulation Systems
03    Your Body is Geared to Fix Itself
04    What Your Body Needs
05    Lymph Fluid & pH Balance
06    Sunlight & Rest
07    Nutrition & Digestion
08    Getting the Waste Out
09    Pure H2O / Your Kidneys
10    Dental Fillings / Mercury
11    Diets for Athletes


What you will learn in this lecture

Ever go to a doctor, only to be told there’s nothing wrong with you – yet, you know something’s wrong by the way you feel?

Your symptoms are your body’s way of saying it is in a state of imbalance. In the late 70’s, Dr.Shallenberger set out on a search to try to find what he could do to help patients get their bodies back in balance so they could achieve great health and longevity. Through research, study andbiological integrative medicine, he discovered how the systems of the body repair themselves.

On this CD, you will learn about the keys to achieve wellness and stay healthy, including: various susceptibilities and stressors that lead to states of imbalance; the role of oxygen, sunlight,rest and nutrition in promoting great health; the devastating effects of carbohydrate abuse; howto fight obesity, diabetes and low blood sugar; a potential solution for vitamin and mineral deficiencies; why you need to drink pure water; macro nutrients for competitive athletes; maintaining acid/alkaline balance in your body; liquids and foods that contribute to cell death;why your liver loves fiber; the debacle of the Standard American Diet (SAD); how Vitamin C drips can help; homeopathy, why your symptoms can be a “good” thing; and why removing mercury dental fillings is imperative for people who are chronically sick – especially for women
with MS.


To give you a sample of the content that you will be listening to on the downloaded lectures, multiple excerpts from each of the lectures are provided for free on this site. Given that there are many excerpts from each lecture available for free, no refunds will be given for the purchase of the downloads. If you are still displeased, you may have a store credit. Email: Thank you!


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