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Age with Vitality (MP3)


David A. Edwards, MD, HMD

Track list | Run time: 73 mins

01    The Evolution of Medicine
02    Homeopathic Medicine & Remedies
03    Confusion with Medical Modalities
04    Vascular Disease / Chelation
05    Too Much Iron in Our Bodies
06    Allergies & Respiratory Distress
07    Anti-Aging Medicine
08    Hormone Therapy
09    DHEA & Growth Hormone
10    Gender Specific Hormones
11    Dr. Edwards Closing Thoughts


What you will learn in this lecture

Dr. Edwards begins by explaining the underlying scientific basis that has emerged in Europe and is taught in their medical schools now for biological medicine; and how in Europe, both forms of medicine are being used side by side rather than in conflict with each other. He then comments on his conversion from technological into biological medicine and the importance in his practice of detoxification and cleansing techniques.

He then explains the scientific confusion between western medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy; expanding on homeopathy, homeopathic remedies, and then shares about his acupuncture training for doctors at UCLA.

Cardiovascular disease and issues are addressed next and Dr. Edwards explains the procedure and why chelation therapy works. He was the director of a Nuclear Cardiology Center in Reno and in evaluating the results of chelation therapy he began using chelation in his own practice. This machine was a Baird 77 Atomic System. Mercury dental fillings are also addressed.

There are problems, for many, from too much iron in their body. Iron is a toxic free radical producer, it’s a pro occident.

The aging process and anti aging medicine is explored. There’s a difference between medical care which is this country is really about money and health care which is really about responsibility, living responsibly. Dr. Edwards explains the use of hormone therapy for antiaging, going through a number of the hormones used. He then goes into more detail about DHEA and growth hormone.

Then gender specific hormones for women, natural progesterone, the three estrogens, DHEA, the bio-identical hormones and Testerone. E2 is the most breast stimulating of the estrogens. He expands the hormone discussion into male hormone supplementation and then the prostrate issues in males.

He closes this series with a discussion about individuals taking responsibility for their health and saying, I’m not going to wait to get sick to have somebody to tell me what to take, I’m going to stay as healthy as I can.

When you talk with your doctors ask a pointed question, where are they getting their information. If they’re only getting it only from conventional medical journals, they’re hearing a certain spin being put on it which is about money. If they’re searching the world literature and looking at specific topics they may much more balanced information.


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