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Sugar Toxicity, The Silent Epidemic (DVD)


DVD Track List

01   Welcome
02   What Sugars do to Your Body
03   Vascular Disease – What Western Medicine Overlooks
04   The Truth About Blood Sugar Test Results
05   Leukoaraiosis – It’s Not Normal as You Age
06   Reverse Sugar Damage
07   Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA’s)
08   Circulation Disease
09   Non-Invasive Vascular Testing (slides)
10   NIH Study Assesses the Effectiveness of Chelation Therapy
11   Reversing Amyloid Proteins – A Simple Metabolic Solution
12   Results from Metabolic Chelation (slides)
13   EECP Enhances Your Circulation and More
14   Safe Sweeteners

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What you will learn in this lecture

Dr. Edwards shows how sugars are linked to Alzheimer’s and memory loss, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. His research on sugars, chelation, and how the damage done by sugars can be stopped and reversed are discussed in great detail.

The doctor explains that metabolic syndrome will exhibit at least three of the following symptoms: obesity, high blood pressure, increased fasting blood sugar and/or insulin levels, or cholesterol problems (low HDL, high LDL, increased triglycerides). In addition he will explain the value of Vitamin D, the danger of high fructose corn syrup and also clarify the differences and importance of both A1C and fasting blood sugar scores.

You will learn in detail why chelation therapy is so successful in fighting the damage done by sugars and why people with diabetes benefit the most from this form of treatment. These treatments are safe and non-invasive.

Sugar Toxicity: The Silent Epidemic was released at the same time the FDA issued new guidelines for labeling carbohydrates and sugars on consumables. In the United States alone, one third of all the people have some form of diabetes. It is time to stop and reverse the damage done by sugar to your health.


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