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David A. Edwards, MD, HMD

Track list | Run time: 73 mins

01    Beyond Western Medicine
02    Is Bypass Surgery Necessary?
03    Sugar Toxicity – New Research
04    Sweeteners & Insulin Resistance
05    Big Pharma – It’s all about the Money!
06    Nutritional Balance
07    Cancer Prevention
08    Editorial Control for Sale
09    The Tragedy of American Medicine


What you will learn in this lecture

Why is America settling for a medical system that may not have the solution YOU need – or your best interest at heart?

In the late 1990’s, the Journal of American Medical Association’s publication, (JAMA), admitted that 90 percent of heart bypass surgeries did not “really” benefit the patient or provide for a longer life.

On this CD, Doctor Edwards talks about safe and non-invasive practices through Biological Integrative Medicine that reverse “irreversible” conditions – from heart disease, to gangrene in a diabetic’s toe – without the use of drugs, surgery or amputation!

Biological Integrative Medicine is taught in European medical schools and is widely accepted.  It’s also practiced by many doctors in the United States. Rather than drugs and surgery, Biological Medicine treats the individual, providing detoxification techniques, chelation, nutrients, lifestyle changes, and other therapies not used in western medicine to assist patients in healing themselves. This is used in conjunction with western medicine.

You will also discover how the FDA and Big Pharma mislead the American public in order to protect their own economic interests.


To give you a sample of the content that you will be listening to on the downloaded lectures, multiple excerpts from each of the lectures are provided for free on this site. Given that there are many excerpts from each lecture available for free, no refunds will be given for the purchase of the downloads. If you are still displeased, you may have a store credit. Email: Thank you!


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