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Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD



CD 1     50 minutes
01    The Importance of Oxygen
02    The Cost of Being Well
03    Oxygen & Mitochondria
04    Your Mitochondria
05    Are You Healthy – Really?
06    Aging and the Diseases of Aging
07    Diseases of Decreased Oxygen Utilization

CD 2     55 minutes
01    Measuring Your Oxygen Utilization
02    Causes of Decreased Oxygen Utilization
03    The Importance of Hormones
04    Remodeling, Exercise & Diet
05    Assist Your Circulation
06    Inflammination, Detoxification & Stress



“The best treatment for any disease, is not to get it.”

The world belongs to the energetic.  The most important thing that goes on in our bodies is energy, how we make energy.  Dr. Shallenberger explains how oxygen is the most important nutrient we take in.  How the most important factor that determines our risk of disease and premature aging is how well we use oxygen; and how decreased oxygen utilization leads to excessive free radicals that leads to accelerated aging & disease.  This has been the focus of his practice.

Oxygen is the most important nutrient we take in, just because we’re taking it in, does not mean that we’re using it efficiently.  Dr. Shallenberger has developed and patented a system for measuring how efficiently we use oxygen.  In that time, in those ten years he has been using this system, he’s not seen one case of cancer, or any other disease – ever – talking hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages, ever develop in a person who had optimum oxygen utilization.  That optimally, efficiently utilized the oxygen they breathe in.  Western medicine is oriented towards treatments, when you get something wrong with you, what are you going to do to treat it.

Dr. Shallenberger discusses how oxygen works with our mitochondria on the cellular level to create energy, for heat, repair, and numerous other functions.  He explains what can get in the way of optimum oxygen utilization and what enhances it.  He discusses the importance of thyroid and other hormones, proper diet and exercise in maintaining a state of well being.

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