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David A. Edwards, MD, HMD



Track list | Run time: 73 mins

01   Causes of Memory Problems
02   Edwards Perspective
03   What’s Your Mind Worth?
04   Macro vs. Micro Circulation
05   Stunning & Hibernation
06   Your Circulatory System
07   Sugar Toxicity
08   Our Treatment with EECP
09   Our Results
10   EECP & Integrative Medicine

Can Your Loved One’s Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s or Dementia Be Reversed?
If your loved one suffers from memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or dementia, Dr. Edwards provides vital information that could potentially turn your loved one’s life around!
Western medicine currently has no effective treatment for memory loss, Alzheimer’s, or microvascular disease. On this CD, Dr. Edwards explains potential solutions for these problems using Bio-oxidation, Chelation, and Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP). 
Dr. Edwards explains the many potential causes of memory loss including: structural, genetic, toxic, hormonal, infectious, nutritional, and immune causes, as well as microvascular disease and hypothyroidism.   He explains the benefit of the hemoglobin A1C test and how it is a marker for the caramelization of red blood cells. He also discusses the dangers of glucose toxicity.
Dr. Edwards is currently refining a new metabolic therapy he has been testing in his patients with promising results. The A1C in those patients has been dramatically reduced.  In his own words:
“We focus our treatment on getting more oxygen to the tissues with bio-oxidation; chelating the micro vessels to get them open, and stopping the free radical storm; then mechanically fracturing the glycocalyx with EECP to get the micro vessels pulsating again with the heart beat.”

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