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My dear friend, Suzanne, experienced a turnaround from PTSD through MNRI® that is miraculous.

Suzanne sat on my couch for weeks, emotionally paralyzed and in tears after a long series of disappointments, which included a job loss, followed by selling her house to move to another state to be with a partner who promptly dumped her. She spent seven months, staying in hotels and at various people’s homes because she couldn’t find a place to live. Eventually, I took her in, but was shocked to see how low her level of functioning had become.

I witnessed Suzanne deteriorating physically and mentally. She had no appetite, could barely eat, would not cook for herself, and looked anorexic. She couldn’t complete sentences when she spoke. She couldn’t make decisions and would stare at her closet for an hour trying to figure out whether to wear the blue shirt or the red shirt. She feared small places and dark rooms. Suzanne used to be a firewalker and firewalk instructor. She was a person who had no fear. Now, she had no sense of direction for her life, and she feared everything.

Suzanne’s body raced with adrenalin and her heart pounded frequently. She could not sleep. Doctors gave her prescription tranquilizers. She took them for one week and stopped. She contacted therapists and tried different modalities to get the endless anxiety out of her body. Nothing made a difference.

I feared Suzanne had dementia, as she failed to recognize common words in print, her thinking seemed foggy, and she was disorganized and unable to focus. We visited nursing homes to see if there was a place for her, although she was only 59 years old.

Then everything changed: Suzanne found out about MNRI® through Informed Choices in Health founder, Thomas Deinema, and she flew to Florida for an MNRI® 4-day conference. Every day, she had 6 fifty-minute sessions with the MNRI® Core Specialists. Suzanne called me, excitedly telling me about the noticeable physical shifts in her body. She explained how PTSD had resulted in her body kind of caving into itself and how MNRI® had helped her to realign her body.  Each day, she felt progressively better, both physically and emotionally.

When she returned to California, Suzanne continued doing MNRI® with an MNRI® Core Specialist in Los Altos, California, named Leo Salado. Within one month of working with Leo, Suzanne was a completely different person. She does her MNRI® exercises every day.

Suzanne credits MNRI® with having saved her life. She is now happier and sharper than I’ve ever known her to be for the entire 15 years we’ve known one another. She is self-directed. She is pursuing her dreams of working with horses and veterans. She bought a home and has a clear plan for her future. She is focused. She no longer has palpitations or anxiety, completes her sentences, organizes her things, cooks for herself, and eats without being prompted to eat. Her thoughts are cohesive, and she is making friends.

These are huge shifts from the person who felt hopeless and helpless who used to sit sobbing on my couch for days on end!

Every day, Suzanne is bubbling over with joy. Thank you, MNRI!