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      1. Remove Toxins and Heavy Metals

On the issue of toxins: We make them. Did you know you’re a toxin factory? Humans are toxic to the planet. Al Gore will sell you carbon credits because you make CO2. We make acid. We also have an abundance of toxins that come from the intestines. We are our own toxin producers.

That’s not all. We also live in toxins. There’s lead in organic food. I’m sorry. I hate to tell you this. There’s lead in the air you breathe. Right now, I’m breathing lead. You are, too. You’re going to be eating lead tonight and tomorrow morning. The nature of heavy metals is that they’re difficult to remove from your body. Some people eliminate them better than others. They adhere so strongly in a chelating fashion to the sulfur bonds in your body; you’ve got to get rid of you to get rid of them. They become part of you. So, the longer you’re on the planet, the more you have. You’re slowly accumulating them, and at some point, you’ll reach the critical mass for you, and they will start screwing up your mitochondrial function.

So, we make them, we live in them, and that’s not enough. Our doc gives them to us, too. We get prescribed them. A lot of the drugs that you take destroy your mitochondrial function. We also enjoy them. Smoking, maybe some other bad habits that we have… That’s where you get them. The longer you’re on the planet, the more you have. That’s all there is to it.

Dr. Gerber, have you ever seen a chelation challenge that was normal? That was really good? Maybe once or twice. Where those were people living, I don’t know. It must have been in Tibet on some mountain, underneath an ice cube. Everybody here – including me – we’re loaded up. The deal is, since we’re all different, a small amount of lead in person “A” can be a really big problem; the same amount of lead in person “B” may not be a problem at all. So how do you know? We can measure the amount of lead in people.

There are other tests you can do. One of the best is simply to look at their oxygen utilization. Look at their mitochondrial function. If it’s really good, I’m going to make the brilliant assumption that whatever amount of lead they have in their body, it’s not so much that it’s a problem for them. If it’s really bad, then I’m going to make the assumption that probably that the lead is a problem and we ought to get it out. You can then go ahead and measure the lead in your body, and then you can do various things to detoxify – mainly chelation therapy.

I’m a big fan of chelation therapy. If you guys hadn’t elected Obama and you elected me president, I guarantee my new policy would have been for everybody, on their 60th birthday, to get 20 free chelations, and one free every month, for the rest of their lives.  And I would have saved health care, absolutely. I’m not running, because I’ve got too much of a past. So forget it. Don’t try to talk me into it either.