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      1. Spiritual Detoxification

When a biological doctor speaks about detoxification, it can be general in nature. It can be organ specific or system specific, depending on what you’re working to accomplish. It can also be on various levels. For example, spiritual detoxification is accepted in Chinese medicine using classical acupuncture, and it’s also accepted in homeopathy. Western science, “business medicine”, of course rejects the spirit. So you can’t have a rational dialogue with scientific doctors about a patient who has a spiritual toxic burden.

As an example, I saw a young lady several years ago, who had a terrible neck spasm; technically called, “a torticollis”. What impressed me about this lady’s problem was that none of the techniques we use in our office – homeopathy, homotoxicology, acupuncture, and several different levels of acupuncture – worked to resolve her pain. We couldn’t give the lady relief from her spasm. We ended up referring her to one of my old associates at the hospital to do conventional medicine.

She was seen by the hospital’s specialists and generalists in nerve disease, arthritis disease and internal medicine. She didn’t respond to their physical medicine techniques, muscle relaxants and pain relieving drugs.

This occurred while I was undergoing training in acupuncture at UCLA in Southern California. This class was for doctors, and they encouraged participants to bring tough cases, and cases that were not responding to treatment, into class. These cases would then be presented to the entire group, and we would come up with ideas and suggestions as how to best treat these problem cases.

In this lady’s particular case, what struck all the doctors in the presentation room was that none of the techniques that were used worked for this lady’s problem. That’s one of the tip-offs that there’s a spiritual problem. Nothing had worked, and this lady was blocked at a very high level. It was concluded that a spiritual acupuncture treatment would be done from our “Classical 5 Element Technique” called, “Releasing the Internal and External Dragons to Chase Out the Internal and External Devils”.

Around this time, “Life Magazine” had an article about the healing revolution. Dr. Andrew Weil, a professor in Arizona, who’s a big guru for complementary alternative medicine, had written an article in which he mentioned this “Devils and Dragons” treatment. This lady underwent this acupuncture treatment, and when she came back to the class the next day, her pain was gone. Everyone in the class experienced her results.

It turned out that this lady and her husband had had a manufacturing business in Minnesota. One of their products was being shipped on a truck that had hit a car broadside. Somebody was seriously injured in the accident, so the lawyer for the car that was hit sued everybody who had anything on that truck. Her pain began immediately after getting off the phone when she’d been told she was being sued for several million dollars because she’d had a box on a truck. This neck spasm didn’t go away until the spiritual acupuncture treatment was done. This demonstrates to a physician like me that spiritual poisoning can, in fact, stop an individual’s ability to self-heal.

Another example would be the suppressed memories of people who are abused or who see terrible war crimes. I remember seeing this in patients in the VA Hospital where I trained. People came back from Vietnam, and it was as if they were dying for no medical reason. They had given up the will to live. And now today, when I look back at amputating legs without chelation therapy 15, 20 years ago, I now recognize that I didn’t have the skill to help that patient. I could probably help them today, but I didn’t recognize the symptoms they were presenting back then.