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In the 90’s, I became involved with a group of MD homeopaths, who specialized in integrative medicine, as well as biological dentists, and practitioners of other healing techniques in the Reno-Tahoe area. These integrative medical doctors were having success in treating many serious conditions, often without the need for pharmaceuticals or surgery. They explained how non-invasive techniques can reverse cardiovascular disease; reduce symptoms of several autoimmune diseases, clear heavy metals from the body, and much more.

I was so impressed with the results these doctors had co-created with their patients; I offered them the opportunity to present lectures to the public. This way, the public could have an experience of the presenters, become informed about more options when it came to their healthcare and also receive lifestyle suggestions to enhance the quality of their lives.

When the doctors spoke, I was in awe. What the doctors shared in their lectures was information that you won’t find, because most traditional doctors in western medicine do not even know this. When I asked why this information wasn’t widely known, I was shocked at their reply:

“…These practices are recognized and used by doctors all over the world – except in the United States. Why? Because the medical monopoly cannot make money off of these solutions, treatments and protocols. This is information that traditional western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry does not want the public to have.”

What? Cardiovascular disease can be treated and reversed with non-invasive techniques, and Western medicine is challenging this and calling it quackery because they cannot profit from it?

What? There are ways to reduce the symptoms and problems of autoimmune diseases – like herpes, MS, and lupus – and Western medicine is calling this quackery, again, because they can’t profit from it?

What? There are ways to save a gangrenous toe from amputation, while Western medicine’s protocol is still surgery?

Moreover, this was just the tip of the iceberg!

I wanted my friends, family, co-workers and the public to have this information, too! So, I recorded, edited and produced the doctors’ lectures. You can read, or listen to, many excerpts from the lectures on There are additional articles separate from the lectures on the site as well.

If you have to make a decision about yours, or a loved one’s health, ideally you will research your best possible choices – and decide on whatever leads you to your own best answers.

Remember that the medical monopoly does not make money if you’re healthy. They need you to be sick!

My wish is that the articles, excerpts and CDs on this site provide information to assist you in your understanding and in making choices. The information on this site might end up saving you thousands of dollars…as well as potentially saving your life!

Thomas Deinema