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      1. Your Body’s Natural Detox System

The detoxification process happens mostly in your liver, whereby, when you get exposed to a toxin, it sets about a series of reactions to eliminate that toxin. In the process of doing that, your body makes inflammation. When you get an influenza virus and you have aches, inflammation, and fever, that inflammation is coming from your body detoxifying the virus. That’s your body making the fever. That’s why you don’t want to suppress it. It’s doing its thing. That’s a good example – all those symptoms you get with influenza.

If you didn’t have an immune system – if you didn’t have any detoxification system – you wouldn’t have any symptoms at all. You would be having the biggest influenza infection of your life. You’d feel great, and then you’d be dead. You wouldn’t have a symptom on the way, because the symptoms are created by the detoxification process. So, when you have inflammation, you already know you’re detoxifying something. Now, you’ve got to dig and find out what it is. Usually it’s in your teeth, your sinuses, or your gut – mostly your gut. Guts are a disaster these days. There are certain nutrients – like curcumin, turmeric, boswellia – herbs that have an anti-inflammatory activity to them. Also there are certain foods that have an anti-inflammatory activity to them. That’s more or less a bandage thing.

You’ve got to go in and figure out where the inflammation is. So, you can see what doctors have to do, in a sense. When we get the oxygen utilization, and we see it’s poor, now we’ve got to dig. Now, we’ve got to figure out why it’s poor. You can see as we go through that process of optimizing oxygen utilization, what are we missing? Missing very much? No. We are pretty much hitting everything there is to hit, because it is all tied together around that.