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      1. Your Cellular and Antibody Immunity

Medical science today agrees that the immune system consists of two interactive but separate components, which are based on lymphocyte populations. This understanding came about from AIDS research where we recognized that there are different arms of the immune system: T-lymphocyte cells arise in the thymus gland, B-lymphocyte cells arise in the bursa sac of a bird. Now, humans don’t have a bursa sac, but we still call it that. The B-lymphocyte cells come from the bone marrow. So, we’ve got T-cells, which are thymus cells, and B-cells, which are bursa cells. They’re all lymphocytes.

It turns out that T-cells are the “generals” in the “immune army”. They carry the long-term memory that programs the body to resist cancer and fungus. B-cells produce antibodies. Antibodies are like the infantry men. The B-cells are like the sergeants in the infantry. Once a B-cell is programmed, it remembers that programming for life and circulates in the body. So, if you get a bacteria or virus in your blood, the B-cells immediately start producing antibodies to a remembered antigen, the attacker. As we get older, what happens is that our T-cell system becomes less active; hence, we see more cancers and chronic infections in older people. The T-cell system is our cellular mediated immunity. When the B-cell system becomes more active we start to overproduce antibodies. This is why a lot of doctors and medical books will tell you that, above the age of 55 to 60, we will see a lot of false antibodies in people – a test will come back showing they have lupus or rheumatoid arthritis or syphilis when, in fact, they don’t have those things. They’re false antibodies.

In anti-aging medicine – “immune modulation therapy” – the whole point is to shift the body back as it ages from a TH2 system – which is the bursa cell B-lymphocytes – to a TH1 system – which is cellular immunity, the cancer surveilling cells – referred to as a “TH2 to TH1 helper cell shift”, or a “TH1 to TH2 helper cell shift”, depending on how you are trying to modulate the antibodies.

In aging, what we want to do is upregulate the cellular immunity, which is the TH1 system, and downregulate the TH2 system, which tends to overreact as we get older. Both systems function in parallel. We need each system. The body’s wisdom decides which one should go into effect. As we get older, for some reason, the ability to switch from the antibody system to the cellular system becomes senescent.

The antibody system is required. In fact, the whole point of vaccinating people is that, when we give them a small amount of a dead virus, (sometimes it’s a live virus!), it activates the B-cell system, so that the antibody system will remember that particular invader for the rest of your life. Think of the antibody system as a circulating monitoring system; it is like a memory system that circulates in your blood. If a staph from your skin gets in a cut in your finger, the system does not have to do a lot to react. The antibodies are already there. They are in low level. The B-cells simply upregulate and the antibodies go up and can kill the intruder.

The T-cell system, cellular immunity, is the brains of the whole system. The way the body works is that the two systems will actually interfere with each other, so when the T-cell system upregulates, it automatically downregulates the B-system. That’s done through lymphocyte hormones called, cytokines, interleukin 1, interleukin 2, interleukin 3, and interleukin 4.

They do different things. Today, we know biochemically that certain ones active B-cells and certain ones activate T-cells. For instance, homeopathically, when we want to upregulate the T-cell system – the cellular system which gets senescent as we get older – we use a combination of homeopathic interferon, which is a lymphocyte hormone that activates that system, and homeopathic interleukin 2. If we wanted to downregulate that system, we would use homeopathic interleukin 10, because we know those hormones tell those cells whether to go up or down in activity.

The TH2 system, the B-lymphocytes that make antibodies, and the TH1 system – the cells that actually kill tumors, like the natural killer cells – cross talk. What we want to do is downregulate the talk from the antibody system that is shutting off the cellular system, so that we don’t get cancer as we get older. That’s the whole point.

The natural killer cells are special cells that are part of our cellular mediated immunity. When we see people, who have had cancer or who have cancer now, we do an immune panel, just like you would do for an AIDS patient. What we want to know is: What is the population of TH1 cells and natural killer cells? Because we want to boost those cells to help the body get rid of the cancer.

Chemotherapy and radiation just blindly kill all of your cells. The object of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer is very simple to explain: Those treatments, which are extremely toxic, are not given to healthy people because they cause cancer. The basic game that goes on with chemo and radiation is that we hope we kill the tumor before we kill the patient. And then they allow you to recover. Your hair comes back and everything comes back. That is the whole point of chemotherapy and radiation. It is about trying to kill the tumor before you kill the patient. Beware: the drugs and radiation that are given are toxic.