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WELCOME to the Informed Choices in Health website. Here you can learn more about how your body functions, and what is good for it. You can also explore a variety of preventative strategies and effective treatments to improve your health and well-being, and that of your loved ones.

Note: alternative medicine, complementary medicine and biological integrative medicine on this site all refer to the same thing.

The protocols and treatments on this site are based on what is commonly referred to as complementary medicine. Our MD’s specialize in Homeopathic Medicine as a specialty (HMD) and are integrative in their practices. When necessary, they do use drugs and surgery. Many of the treatments they use are widely accepted in Europe and are practiced worldwide, yet are not recognized by the AMA and the FDA in the U.S. These organizations are closed to everything except drugs and surgery, as they are also closed to chiropractic and acupuncture.

This website features “Snippets” (excerpts from our recorded lectures), articles, YouTube videos, and other information provided by several presenters with different specialties. The medical information is provided by three MD, HMD’s licensed in Homeopathy by the State of Nevada. Each one has practiced biological integrative medicine for over 30 years.

The treatments these doctors and therapists use have successfully:

• Improved vision
• Reversed memory loss
• Reversed congestive heart failure, (this technique is approved by Medicare)
• Reversed a degree of stroke damage, shortly after a stroke incident
• Assisted in increasing the quality of life and longevity for many
• Greatly reduced symptoms and problems for people with memory loss, auto-immune diseases – including herpes, MS, Lyme Disease, AIDS, and others
• Assisted children and adults challenged by ADD, dyslexia, autism, and learning difficulties
• Significantly increased athletic and academic performance, and much more.

Informed Choices in Health, LLC was founded by Thomas Deinema. His intention is to provide health-related information for the public so they have choices and options other than drugs and surgery. His goal is for individuals to do their own research; question and communicate better with their doctors, and to take responsibility for their health.

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